Post-Recital Release

My masters is nearly finished. recital and exam are done. My friend has started walking (after three months of recovery from a car accident). I went to the gym yesterday. I feel like skipping. I was worried that after my recital was done I wouldn’t want to practice, but I do! I think that one of my biggest shortcomings (or does that cancel out, biggest shortest) was taking on too many pieces of music to learn at once. The recital was great, but it was not my best playing, 2 concertos is one too many. I always get bored during exercise, I usually have to listen to books on tape, or play Xbox while running in place. Yesterday I played racket ball, and did rock climbing, both require problem solving in addition to exercise, I was never bored. I think I’m going to try and do both at least three times a week from now on. I’d love to actually drop below 200 lbs. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming high voltage concert on nov 24th. And the experimental music concert series in February!

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