What is this blog?

So, the Recital is finished. I’ve passed my masters exam. Just had a great gig with spontaneous combustion. I’ve finally found some time to fit exercise into my schedule. And I have a new roommate. I’ve finally realized one of the biggest things holding me back with exercise. Running in no particular direction, or swimming back and forth lacks engagement. The repetition and mental stamina required to continue running/swimming remind me too much of the same stamina required to keep myself in the practice room. Goal oriented exercise, racket ball, rock climbing, and even ultimate frisbee have clearly defined goals that require problem solving in addition to physical activity. I’m not trying to knock swimming or running, I’ve just always struggled with them. I’m actually having fun working out so hopefully I’ll keep going. This week I only went once. I’m going to shoot for twice next week. I’m not really sure what this blog is supposed to be for. I think I started it just to purge thoughts and get in the habit of writing, documenting my life for anyone who cares to read about it. I’m not sure who all is reading, leave comments if you like.

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