Who I am, and What this is.

So. Today has been really cool. I’m inspired and exited, plus I got lots of work done. It started off crazy with some transportation/unable to lock my apartment.

I feel the need to affirm this blog and really dedicate myself to it. I’m coding this entry in html manually, which will help me learn enough to eventually code my own website.

I pulled an all-nighter sunday (which shows up as misspelled according to spell check, but is totally a word), I got lots of work done, but my Rock paper scissors tournament mobile app music game premier was less of a success than I was hoping. I got what I put into it, it just needed a week or two more of work.

As I do when I pull all nighters, I still procrastinate, about half as much as I work. But, this time I did it with learning about coding and computers. I compiled my first Java program, and had terminal print HelloWorld! (crazy that it’s taken me so long, yes, but what can I say, at an Arts Conservatory, my education was Conservative! (and there are advantages and disadvantages to that)). I did a bit of reading about Beowulf Clusters, which I had heard of, and been reading about in various UNIX related forums. I’ll come back to the Beowulf Cluster part of the story when I finish the middle…

I am reaffirming this blog. It is my place to tell my story, my way. It is going to be about me and what I hope turns into a Career! It’s something I don’t think I’d ever read. I don’t read many blogs. I will occasionally be researching or being jealous (wow I just wanted to spell that jellous about three times) of a colleague’s or professor’s shiny webpage. But I don’t really read blogs outside my field, I know I should but I haven’t been able to read even a book in a few months. (not counting books on tape, I get through at least one of those a month, but I always re-listen to books I’ve already read or heard on tape previously.)

And if you can’t tell my writing get s very distracting to me and i get of topic…

Reaffirm the BLOG!!! I tell my story, about my life and career. It’s going to help me develop a bigger web swagger/presence, be good documentation, a place to vent, but not vent to the point that I feel jeopardized or exposed (many of you facebook (also not a word yet) users out there are in this pickle a lot) which is why you don’t see me post that sort of stuff on my Facebook. So if you are reading this to do background research for a job interview or something, Please dear god, give me a job, I work hard, have crazy ideas and mix well with others. !!! if you are one of my young saxophone students, what you are reading are all lies and to stop reading (kidding but clearly you should be practicing not reading my blog).

I, William Walker Conlin am a Performer, Composer and Digital Media Specialist.

As a Saxophonist I have performed in Louisiana, New York, California, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Maryland, and Arizona. Playing mostly music from the cannon of classical saxophone repertoire, an awesome genre of music that produces some of the highest caliber performers, unfortunately it’s not a great way to get gigs. Recent performances have included laptops, personal narratives, mobile devices, sign language, and one or two works by composer Mark Applebaum.

My own compositions have been premiered in Louisiana, Texas and California. (I hope that list gets longer!).

I host an experimental music series that. It got started in 2010 with the ONYX student alliance at UNCSA, a renegade student organization that had been resurrected from it’s death in the 1970s. The idea of the group was that it was student run, student produced and performance oriented. I went on the next year to become the co-president. We produced two performances that year, one of Mark Applebaum’s Pre-Composition and Terry Riley’s in C. Which I had heard about, but never performed until 2009, when my professor Taimur Sullvian, had the saxophone studio perform the work during our Intensive-Arts ‘break’ in December. They gave us 8 hours of arts classes for two weeks, performed 4 or 5 nutcracker shows called it a ‘break’ (it was a lot of work, but I’m so glad we had it).

Since then I have performed In C, every year (yes it’s only 2012 but hear me out) and the performance this year is going to be on January 30th. Last year, I performed it with Tubist and Composer Andy Larson kicking off our co-curated Experimental music series; co-curated as in, Andy did all the work, I showed up and wrote him a piece or two.

This year Paul Giess and I are putting on the Second Annual Experimental Music series, we are planning 4 concerts. IN C will be on January 30th, Chemorocket will perform Elysium on February the 3rd, with Music by Bret William Dietz, Daniel Heagney, Austin Thompson, and Luke Traxler. A concert with music of Varese, Cage, Ives, and Cowell will be on February the 3rd. And Finally there will be mostly a concert of works commissioned for the Experimental series with two exceptions, I will perform Aphasia by Mark Applebaum (it is not commissioned by us) and Hopefully there will be a world premier performance of a graphic score by Aaron Bielish whom I met at the Workshop on Algorithmic Computer Music (WACM) this summer (2012). David Cope and Peter Elsa are awesome and if you like computer music look them up!

I’ve been involved in a Creative Arts Entrepreneurship program for over a year now. We are hosting TEDxLSU and are going to see TEDxBroadway in January. It is very cool I’m exited about where this group is going, it’s also how I got my Ipad(good story).

My performance education has been with to incredible Saxophonists Griff Campbell and Taimur Sullivan, I also learned a lot from Performance Artist and Author Tim Miller. I study composition with Jesse Allison, and have studied both counterpoint and orchestration with Kenneth Frazelle.

I think that’s enough blogging for one night. More to come soon, I’ll catch you up on my last 3 semesters and where I’m at. ZZZZZZZZZZZ oh crap I’ll tell you about the Beowulf Cluster tomorrow.

not sure how to comment on my own blog entry, but I definitely made a few rookie HTML mistakes, and if anyone doesn’t wish to be talked about on my blog, please let me know, and I will not use your name.

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