It’s been a while since my last post. Things are moving slowly with most students gone from campus. Nick Hwang and I are preparing a submission for TEDxLSU.

Beowulf Cluster is moving slowly but surely. I’ve begun compiling research for my dissertation topic which will be on Models of Mobile Music Ensembles! I’m hopefully adding another student to my composition lessons, Leah Smith a former ONYX collaborator.

Grades are in for the semester and I’ve pulled off a 3.45. I’m practicing Jazz in earnest now, it’s taken me way to long to get started with it. I should have done what I did this week, when I was 15. I’m mostly transcribing and working through changes, and the omnibook. If anyone is interested in a great jazz blog I was doing all right is an excellent one with great resources for those interested in practicing jazz or ear-training. Brian Seeger also offers a great library of resources.

I’ve put my Java, javascript, unix, and HTML programming on hold for a while. Expect more details about this endeavor next semester when I start my computer science class.

Happy holiday season to all everyone, keep those you love close, and express your feelings.

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