Current Activities:

For anyone out there reading, forgive me, this post may just sound like a to do list. But I find the process of making these iterative confirmations of what I am working on helpful to the completion of said projects.

So, I’m currently loading Satellite for the Raspberry Pi CCRMA ( pronounced Kurma; Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University in California, easily one of the leading research centers in my field of research). For any non tech junkies reading (mom) a Raspberry Pi is a small, open source hardware platform, it is essentially a $35 computer that can handle 3d Graphics and HD Video. It is a small computer, related in spirit to another popular board, the Arduino, which is open source hardware for micro-controllers and something called physical computing.


Why am I loading satellite? Satellite is essentially an SDCard Build of a linux based operating system, and various open source computer music programs for making music.

Why an SD card? Well, the raspberry pi, is a computer, but it has no hard-drive, so it uses SD cards common in cameras, video and audio recorders. This build has the potential to spawn Laptop/Mobile Performance groups that are extremely low cost to develop. (I have a plan to do a kick-starter for this very idea (anyone in my field reading (which is doubtful) please feel free to steal my ideas, or if you’re inclined to send me an email [@ wwconlin =>] (it looks funny to prevent robots from stealing it) and if you are interested in collaborating, sharing ideas, contributing to what Laptop/Mobile Performance Groups oriented towards Open Source Hardware/software need.

The plan for my dissertation is to focus my research on the development of mobile music ensembles. And what better way to explore research already done along those lines, and simultaneously allow me to try out new/and possibly improved ideas based on my research, then by starting my own Mobile Music ensemble. 

More details to come out about new and upcoming composition projects! Thanks for Reading !!!!!! please leave a comment! I don’t have any comments from readers yet! or even better if you have questions email me or leave questions in the comments. and If you are a colleague of mine from LSU…. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US.

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