New and Experimental Music Series

Hey Everyone, 

So I am planning the New and Experimental Music Series this year. I am struggling to figure out good venues. My scheduling with the school of music has produced very little hope that we are able to book the recital hall. I have contacted a number of local venues, but to little avail. Where would you like our concert series to be held? I want to open up dialogue about where we should try to perform. 

So far we have one confirmed venue: The Baton Rouge Gallery on April 27 at 4pm, this Will be our culminating concert (I think) featuring Trans-Idiomatic Improvisation from members of the  Baton Rouge’s community of improvisers.

I have thought about having some performances in the Studio Art Building, Perhaps you can all help me find good venues for our upcoming performances. 

We need to plan the following: 

Terry Riley’s In C large group performance- public spaces may be a good idea for this (Student Union perhaps?)

A canonical experimental concert

A Deep Listening Concert featuring classic works of Fixed Media

A New Music Concert with student and non-student compositions from local or visiting composers.

If you are at all interested in helping me find appropriate venues, or if you are interested in performing on these concerts, please do not hesitate to contact me! email wwconlin (at) gmail (dot) com. 


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