What is spectromorphology?

It is framework for describing a listening experience.

Which music: electro-acoustic typically that is partly or wholly acousmatic.

concerned with:

Spectrum over ‘notes’. Motion and flux over meter and rhythm. Abstract or unidentifiable over iconic and familiar.

some instrumental music applies ie Xenakis, Griset, Saariaho, Murail, Dillon and others concerned with spectrum.

Tonal knowledge (western or other) may be useful or not… depends.

It does not include music that includes liveĀ instruments unless their source has become abstracted.

Some music is trancontextual but not spectromorphological, much music is both!

I prefer intertextual which is similar to the “art” definition

Transcontextual music is predicated on identifiable sources. This is an important idea:

source bonding:
the natural tendency to relate sounds to supposed sources and causes, and to relate sounds to each other because they appear to have shared or associated origins.

More on Spectromorphology later. Just getting started.

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