Well I haven’t posted in a while…

I figure it is rare that anyone actually reads anything on my page. Which I am fine with. I don’t do a great job of maintaining it. I find it often distracts me from the ‘real work’ of being a graduate student, having my assistantship, living life and doing my best to be a good teacher, and a good musician.

But when I tell myself it is ok to feel this way, and it is ok to be overwhelmed by the idea of maintaining the pristine scrubbed and slickly designed way most artist professionals present themselves online… when I tell myself it is ok, I do feel a little bit better.  If and when I think I need a better site I will either: A) code this one better, or B) ask someone I know and trust to help me. C’est la vie.

I am getting ready to present at X-WAVE in Houston, I am incredibly excited, and at the same time intimidated to be invited to present. Normally when presenting my work to others, I am just presenting work to my friends, family, other students, or my professors. I don’t shy away from the stage, but seldom am I on stage just to speak, I usually have my music in some shape or form to back up my words. It’s ok, I’ll still have some music and some activities to show what I have done at this festival, my 10 minute intro doesn’t have to encapsulate my entire life story, just help bring people up to speed on me, my things, and my ideas. It sounds so narcissistic when I say it that way

Really I am just antsy about: what I am going to talk about, how did I get to x-wave and what do I want to tell everyone about myself. To a certain extent, I don’t do this very often, unless I am asked. But hey the internet can be a great void within which to shout the things I don’t need everyone to hear (twitter), or things that I think are more important to myself personally or professionally (which I try to do here on this my website…)

I really want to talk about how, through my own work, in and outside of school, I have helped other people find places and people who enjoy the strangeness. Maybe that’s what I should talk about.

I ramble on, but it is hard to ramble when you are typing. Rambling is a thing for mouths and jeeps…

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