William Walker Conlin is a composer, saxophonist and media technologist. Conlin works to explore all facets of electro-acoustic music through improvisation, computer programming, and design. Conlin has written music for laptop orchestra, fixed media, video, interactive installations, art collaborations and more.

Two important works Mr. Conlin has been involved with involve his friend and colleague Nick Hwang. In 2013 the two presented at the inaugural TEDxLSU, where the two attempt to explain their ideas about Design, Music, and Sound. The talk is titled Music by Design. In 2014 Conlin developed an interface for controlling a networked art installation that used the Microsoft Kinect, this interface is only one element of the project that was funded by LSU’s EnOvation Grand Project.

Mr. Conlin’s background is as a classically trained saxophonist. This background has instilled in him a passion for performance, and a love of all forms of music. His compositions often incorporate improvisational elements in a trans-idiomatic style (a term borrowed from Mark Applebaum). Conlin’s compositions range from fixed media, to live electroacoustic, and just plain saxophone music (though he detests writing down specific notes and rhythms). Mr. Conlin wishes to express his thanks to his saxophone teachers: Taimur Sullivan and Griffin Campbell, both amazing educators and inspiring performers.

Mr. Conlin’s has worked in the past documenting and applying nexusUI, a javaScript based toolkit for cross platform, audio-centric development web and mobile development. Mr. Conlin’s contributions to the nexusUI project have been primarily focused on being an active user, training others, producing and editing tutorial and documentation videos. Mr. Conlin was also a co-author of a paper titled: Simplified Expressive Mobile Development with NexusUI, NexusUp and NexusDrop. The paper will be presented at the 2014 NIME Conference in London. Mr. Conlin is indebted to his professor Jesse Allison, and his old roommate and good friend Benjamin Taylor for their encouragement of his involvement.

Of interest to Mr. Conlin are concepts dealing with language and his failure, often, to retain information about words. The word as sound, to him, carries more information context and meaning when examined as sound alone, rather than with context and linguistic meaning. Mr. Conlin has been an enthusiastic orchid collector since 2009. Tragically his collection from those years did not survive after relocation to Louisiana. He has started his collection over, but at present is only cultivating one orchid (rather than 14). Mr. Conlin is also a lover of planted aquariums and hopes one day to return to designing and tending such systems.

Mr. Conlin was born in 1987 in Durham, North Carolina, where he grew up. He attended attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts for high school and college studying saxophone performance. In 2013 he completed his Masters in Saxophone Performance at Louisiana State University.

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